Hello friends and family!  Welcome to our site!  Just creating our first blog has been an adventure but we are so glad that you are here to take this ride with us!  This is an unbelievable opportunity that each of us is so grateful.

We hope we will be able to share with you throughout the trip; although, we have been struggling with blocks in China for various sites.  We will be creative and try to make it happen!    Carmen, Kenton, Kim, and Kindsey


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Headed Home!

We were ready to get home!  We flew back to Beijing on Wednesday night, found our way to the hotel without a tour guide (!), and flew back to the US on Thursday afternoon!  What a trip…  One we will always remember!!

Lunch in Hangzhou

What a lovely day it was in Hangzhou on Tuesday!  Several teachers took out to lunch.  We had pizza!!  It took us a while to find a restaurant that served ‘western style’ cuisine!  We had pictures taken with the students we taught in our class lessons.

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